Saturday, November 12, 2011

Something about Saturdays

I spent the morning packing up a care package for my Dad.  Just some fun fall goodies: flavored coffee, homemade hot chocolate, soup mix, beachy smelling candle to rid him of the cold Chicago blues, travel mug, emergen-C, fall tea towels, a knee brace for his latest injury and chocolate pumpkin cheese cake bars.  So delicious, find the recipe here.

Sent if off to the post office with this excited guy....

Took some pictures outside.  I just know our fall leaves days are numbered and want to take advantage of what's left before were forced to endure the sad, leafless winter trees.  Afterwards we participated in the Bud Light Fan Camp.

It was raining and really, REALLY cold.  We bundled up pretty good and had a great time.  Events included, field goal kicking, precision pass, flag football, cannon catches, obstacle course and Madden 2012. 

Winners received a trip to the probowl in Hawaii.  Guess what?!?!  We were not the winners ;(  However, we did really well (5th place overall, I think) and had the weather been better I think we would have won.  There was large amounts of mud and we lost a couple players to injuries (stitches in the hospital, yuck!) and had to pull double duty. 

I also finalized our Thanksgiving menu and grocery list.  I've been working on an itinerary for my brother-in-laws trip up here next week and I'm almost done with Christmas card addresses.  (I finished the design for our card a few weeks ago!) Now were relaxing on the couch with Gi watching Fred Claus.  All in all, a great day!

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  1. You are a winner at ABFOL for the cash envelope system. The blog post will be up at midnight. Congratulations!!