Wednesday, November 9, 2011

21 things I love about Fall

1.  That I finally live in a region where fall colors are abundant and the season lasts more than a week.
2.  Scarves, boots and cozy oversized sweaters
4.  Turning the heat on for the first time.
5. Fireplaces.
6.  Decorating with the warm colors of fall, so homey!
7.  Hot tea.
8.  Switching from smoothies to oatmeal for breakfasts.
9.  Soup, all of it.  Added bonus if there's grilled cheese.
10.  Thanksgiving and everything that comes with it.
11.  Planning for the holidays.
12.  Spending time with family. 
13.  Fuzzy socks.
14.  That feeling you get when the temperature drops for the first time and there's a
 general crisp in the air.
15.  Corn mazes and pumpkin patches.
16.  Opening the windows and cuddling under a blanket on the couch.
17. Red, red wine.
18.  Crock pot dinners.
19.  Spiced scented candles.
20.  Dark nail polish. 
21.  Vanilla scented lotion.

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